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Here you will find a set of materials, worksheets and ideas for using Korbo Blocks in education. The website is also a point of exchange of experiences and proposals of interesting lessons, which were created in cooperation with a wide range of teachers, instructors, educators, psychologists and therapists.

Korbo Blocks Edu team In the articles tab there is a lot of useful information showing how you can support the physical, intellectual and emotional development of a child with Korbo Blocks. Korbo Blocks is also a great way to develop soft skills, such as ability to work in a group or be creative.

After all, kids can build amazing models, from the smallest to the largest, with Korbo Blocks! We have also prepared a number of popular games and challenges, during which playing with Korbo Blocks becomes an additional, attractive element of fun.

We also invite you to our blog – the Education with Korbo Blocks tab, where we update and publish our and teachers' ideas on an ongoing basis.

Have fun! Tea
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